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PICOJET D220 is the first 3d printer for pharmaceutical laboratory environment. It is designed as a quick and efficient starting point in powder bed 3D printing technology. Up to 4 different APIs can be used in the carrier liquid solution in addition to those mixed directly into the powder.


Powder Bed technology allows for printing at room temperatures, and is suitable for both simple and complex forms of tablets. Desired dissolution profiles can be achieved by variations in internal and external structure of tablets.


Resources are utilized efficiently and the excess powder can be easily recycled. The powder bed can be removed entirely, allowing for simple cleaning. Semi-automatic system aids with replacment of liquid solutions and cleaning with flushing agents.

Dissolution of a 3D printed tablet in real time

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PICOJET D220 is the first commercial 3D printer designed for pharmaceutical use. It is intended as a starting point, allowing for small to medium scale production or testing.

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Features of PICOJET D220:

  • printing volume: 220mm diameter × 30mm depth
  • up to 1200 DPI printing resolution
  • up to 4 different printing liquids simultaneously
  • interchangeable powder bed design for fast and efficient cleaning
  • semi-automatic priming and liquid interchanging function
  • fully enclosed working area (printing under N2 atmosphere)
  • controlled air circulation over the printing area
  • automatic cleaning function
  • contact surfaces 316L stainless steel

Available: Q4 2020.

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